Practice Management


Organizational Restructuring

Alliance Health System can help you navigate your challenges and find new opportunities through diligent organizational and operational restructuring. Alliance Health System’s consulting team will help you find the best balance of practices and structure, through a patient-focused approach to process, performance, and productivity.

• Optimize Your People: implement patient-centric approaches to staffing, scheduling, and patient hours
• Streamline Workflows: review processes, policies, practices, standards, protocols, regulations
• Motivate: raise the bar, develop targets, clarify roles, responsibilities, compensation, and incentives to support
peak performance and keep the team goal-oriented
• Workplace Optimization: ensure the physical work area, equipment and technology support your goals

Vendor and Supply Management

Alliance health System has a vast knowledge of maximizing revenue generating activities for medical practices. Distribution of home / personal medical products deemed medically necessary are highly beneficial for patient outcomes and also for profitability. With the guidance of Alliance Health, a medical practice can expect effective contract control, cost tracking, inventory optimization, and product education to help providers and medical staff recognize patients who would benefit from these projects/programs.

Operational Performance

Alliance Health System will conduct thorough research into your medical practice and gather data from a variety of sources. The data is utilized to generate transparency reports for each department and will include key performance indicator dashboards, so that the information can be viewed easily. With this information available, practices gain insight into everything from patient retention, to treatment cycle length and physician revenue figures while also monitoring marketing costs, supply costs, and ensuring consistent patient satisfaction.