Alliance Health System

Alliance Health Systems (AHS) provides practice management and administrative support services to individual physicians, group practices, and hospitals. AHS offers non-medical services that allow medical professionals to concentrate on clinical aspects of care. Ultimately, this model allows for providers to control costs through the increased efficiencies provided by the AHS while maintaining control over their patient outcomes.

PRACTICES: Receive C-Level administrative experience, proven analytics, and a proprietary library of resources

PATIENTS: Experience improved service engagements, economies of scale, cost savings, and access to cutting edge technology from shared resources

PHYSICIANS: Maintain clinical effectiveness, autonomy, and are empowered to provide outstanding care


At Alliance Health Systems, our goal is to help our clients get their patients better faster, so that they can get back to doing the things they love. Accordingly, our approach to healthcare management is different: we seek to aid  our clients in structuring treatment plans with patients, rather than for patients. We help clients ensure that their patients’ goals can truly be their top priority by simplifying the process of running a practice. In short, we provide our clients with the best experience  possible so that they can focus on their patients who, in turn, can Get Better Faster.


As part of the most admired healthcare system in New Jersey, AHS has redefined what it means to be a doctor and a patient. By unifying the efficiencies that patients wanted with the processes that doctors needed, we have created a culture where doctors are empowered to provide the best care possible for each and every patient. Our reach has expanded throughout the tri-state area and we are beginning to look at expanding nationwide.