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Bryant Acquaro
Bryant Acquaro, PT, DPT

Director of Clinical Operations

Bryant Acquaro, PT, DPT
Director of Clinical Operations - Alliance Health System

Bryant Acquaro, PT, DPT, is a distinguished physical therapist and the Director of Clinical Operations at Alliance Orthopedics. He holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Seton Hall University, earned in 2010, and utilizes a comprehensive, whole-body approach to physical therapy. Bryant’s philosophy involves evaluating not only the site of pain but all possible contributing factors, tailoring his treatments to each individual’s unique needs.

In his role as the Director of Clinical Operations, Bryant oversees and manages the clinical aspects of the practice, ensuring the delivery of high-quality care to patients.

With a specialization in the treatment of orthopedic and athletic injuries, Bryant has worked with a diverse range of patients, including professional athletes and elderly adults. In addition to his clinical work, he serves as an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University’s School of Health and Medical Sciences, instructing graduate-level human functional anatomy.

Bryant is a level one SFMA certified professional who incorporates the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and various other techniques into his treatments. His goal extends beyond pain relief, aiming to equip patients with the tools to lead a pain-free life post-physical therapy.

Outside of his professional commitments, Bryant is an accomplished triathlete and runner, demonstrating his passion for an active lifestyle. He also enjoys spending time at the beach, surfing, and watching sports. As the Director of Clinical Operations, Bryant continues to contribute to the success and growth of Alliance Orthopedics, maintaining a commitment to excellence in patient care.